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quality review Review of Laura Niesslein RMT I've tried many RMTs already and Laura Niesslein is one of the very best. She's my favorite so far
Andrew S
excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff You always get a confirmation email and a reminder email. I forgot my book at the clinic and they had no issues holding it till my next appointment. The customer is number one and appreciated at Shey Wellness
Great Experience! Laura combines great technical skill with an ever so pleasant personality along with an educational component of how to enhance your health. To find all this in one massage therapist is a rare find indeed.
Great service, definitely recommend! Laura is thorough and knows her stuff. I strongly recommend her and Shey Wellness Clinic to anyone interested in giving it a shot.
Amazing is simply not enough to describe the RMT I have been using Laura even before she opened up this particular location. She is an amazing RMT. She not only does her job as a massage therapist, she goes beyond. She takes a holistic approach in helping her clients better care for their health. Excellent service. I would certainly recommend this clinic for RMT. I haven't tried other services yet, but I am very certainly it will be fantastic. Rizla Dias/ RN
Outstanding Service Laura provides superior treatment. Her collaborative style of engaging clients with detailed questions up front to assess overall needs and then focus on specific issues means that you maximize health outcomes. Her knowledge, skill and dedication ensure that her time in spent on muscles/tissue that require extra attention. Laura always ends sessions with thoughtful suggestions for daily stretches and appropriate exercises that involve the client in maintaining their own health and wellness between appointments. She is conscientious with clients' schedules will respond to questions that arise after visits. She was recommended to me by a friend, and since benefitting from her massage therapy, I have recommended her to my friends. Thank you for offering relief from muscle, joint and tissue pain.
Excellent Treatment Came in to see Laura to deal with muscle soreness left over from getting back to training. I left feeling great.